Our History

When Lesley asked Brad “hey babe, where do we wanna go for our honeymoon?” Brad immediately responded, “Cambodia!” And Lesley looked at him like… What!? And that was how Crow’s Nest began… Even before it was truly conceptualized.

As Brad, often reminisces, his mom bought 10 years of National Geographic magazines at a yard sale when he was really young. Around the age of 12, he opened up his first one and found a 10 page spread on the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. His immediate thought was, “This is the jungle book in real life!” And determined that he would visit there one day.

After a friend of his permanently relocated to Cambodia, it brought the dream alive again. And then, when Lesley asked, Cambodia became their honeymoon destination.

The trip was so incredible that when they returned home, all thoughts were about how to go back again. At first, the idea was to put together a group of friends for a trip the next year. Soon after, however, Lesley asked her clients if they would ever want to do a Pilates retreat to Cambodia, to the temples of Angkor. They said yes!

Since 2017, they have lead almost 2 retreat groups a year, have secured their own property, and built intimate relationships with the community there.

They now sponsor a girl to go to high school, have built a large patio that can be used for Pilates or yoga, and have plans to build a coffee shop on the property as well.

Join us for an epic excursion, and a little bit of Zen in our quiet village, at our gated compound, where you will experience peace and adventure as you fall in love with the people, the history, and yourself!

Meet Our Team

Lesley Logan

Lesley Logan is the co-founder of As The Crows Fly, a Pilates company that owns Crows Nest Cambodia. She has been leading Pilates retreats and workshops around the world for 10+ years in more than a dozen locations. Find her on IG @lesley.logan and teaching Pilates over at OnlinePilatesClasses.com.

Brad Crowell

Brad Crowell cofounded As The Crows Fly with Lesley. His heart belonged to Cambodia far before his first visit. While his permanent residence is in the States, someday he will spend most of the year living in Siem Reap. On the day to day, Brad steers the company and team, coaches Pilates business owners at ProfitablePilates.com, and co-hosting a podcast with Lesley (LesleyLogan.co/podcast).

Tray Pich Mo

Tray Pich Mo, aka “Peach”, grew up in Siem Reap, Cambodia. And she knows everybody in town. She literally had 1200+ people at her wedding! Today she runs a tour group company and works closely with Brad & Lesley to create custom guided experiences for Crow’s Nest Retreaters – unlike anything else out there – and sometimes even gets to lead the tours herself!