Guarantees, Exchanges & Refund Policy

  • No Money Back on Live Event Tickets! Look… we are super confident that you will love your Crow’s Nest in-person event experience. We have spent years touring the world cultivating and hosting events, classes, workshops, retreats, and more. We have had thousands of attendees without any issues. All classes and workshops must be prepaid. We cannot offer you a refund on a live event ticket you have purchased. This means all live class, workshop, retreat, or event ticket sales are final, non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable. At your own risk, you may replace yourself by selling or gifting your ticket. Also, OPC is not (and cannot be) responsible for any bank overdraft fees.
  • But what if Crow’s Nest cancels the event? Great question! In case of a dire emergency, or something entirely out of our control (for example, covid outbreak that shuts down airlines all around the world… just picking that at random…) and we have to cancel our event, we will reschedule it with more than enough time for everyone to make the necessary adjustments. We have (knock on wood) never had to do this, fortunately. And if we truly do have to cancel the event altogether with no choice to reschedule, we will refund you your balance payment. (It is highly likely that your deposits have already been sent to vendors to secure rides, tickets, food, etc. and those are not refundable to us either.) The full cancellation of an event is at the de
  • How do you know our event will be awesome? We have tons of testimonials about past events, tours, workshops, classes… and are more than happy to share! Just chat to us and we’ll send you a link to a video of a past event, or direct you to some feedback we got from past participants.
  • Safety Guarantee… Our site is safe! We use the Advanced Bank of Asia, aka ABA Bank, (owned by the National Bank of Canada) to take payments, so we don’t ever store or see your credit card information.
  • Are we actual, real people? Yep! Want to prove it? Chat with us here. Really, really, really want to prove it? Ask us in the chat and we’ll hop on a brief video call with you.
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